Power generated in Tasmania for Tasmanians

G-Power - A New Energy Provider

There’s never been a more dynamic change in Tasmania’s energy market. And a time to generate a new cash crop.

While the main focus has been on the larger projects such as the second Bass Strait interconnector and pumped hydro, real disruption has been taking place quietly in the background.

Gravitas Energy have been working with industry, Tas Networks and the farming community for several years to change the energy landscape.

The company has a reputation for a forthright approach – simply put if the savings don’t add up, then producers won’t be sold a system.

A real solutions based company, Gravitas brings an wholistic approach to energy challenges including:

  • Energy audits,
  • Grant applications,
  • R&D tax incentives (if applicable),
  • Renewable generation outside solar,
  • New technologies not yet seen in Australia,
  • Gravitas proven Energy Efficiency Program (GEEP)

G-Power will be the new energy provider for the primary industry sector where producers can save on costs under key tariffs.

Here is the break-through opportunity for primary producers to save money immediately on key tariffs on signing up.

We will work with producers at every step to assess energy consumption and negate it. Producers can generate energy and trade it across their National Meter Identifiers.

The energy environment in Tasmania is changing. We look forward to meeting with you. 

Gravitas Energy Efficiency Program

Ever increasing energy costs are a fact of life for Tasmania’s primary producers. 

With each step forward, farmers face difficult decisions on reducing their operating costs.

But there is now a solution right at hand.

Farmers can save money from Day One with a positive cash flow system.

Under the Gravitas Energy Efficiency Program (GEEP), farmers can apply for a five year interest free equipment rental solution.

 Delivering a five year interest free equipment rental solution designed to be cash flow positive from Day One.

A new cash crop which also gives farmers access to the pricing solutions on key tariffs under G-Power.

Register for the interest free Gravitas Energy Efficiency Program by phoning the Hotline 1300 907 808

Primary Industries a unique energy landscape for Tasmania’s farming sector

Tasmania has long been a State where the cost of energy has long been a restrictive factor in growth of the primary industries sector.

With a single generator and single retailer, prices have always been uncompetitive in the State.

However, in recent years, change has occurred. Today there’s never been a more dynamic shift in Tasmania’s energy market.

While the main focus has been on the larger projects such as the second Bass Strait interconnector and pumped hydro, real disruption has been taking place out of the media and un-noticed by the politicians.

Changing the energy landscape hasn’t been easy. In the white noise on renewable energy and potential for Tasmania, the key missing piece is our primary producers want options.

They want flexibility on generation options. They want the ability to trade excess energy. They want to create another cash crop – a source of income. They want something unique.

These solutions are now here for all primary producers in retail, generation and the opportunity to become a member of a unique agricultural energy co-operative.

Solutions. Right here. Right now. 

Sustainable Tasmania Co-Operative Trading Your Energy

Farms across Tasmania can join an energy trading community under Sustainable Tasmania Agribusiness Energy Co-Operative.

Roman Voloshin, of Sustainable Tasmania’s parent company, Gravitas Energy, said Tasmania generates the most renewable, clean power so it’s only natural to start here.

“The Co-Operative will see farmers generating, consuming and selling energy,” Mr Voloshin said.

“The rate of energy rises have skyrocketed in the past few years, but we’re using energy every day and the environment suffers,” he said.

Energy generated will be determined by the property, with all renewable options available including solar, waste, geothermal and new technologies.

“The generation unit will be suitable to that farm’s requirements. We are technology agnostic, so not bound to any one energy. Whatever gives the best yield to the farmer, that’s what we’re doing,” Mr Voloshin said.

“Tasmania generates the most renewable, clean power so it’s only natural to start here.”

The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania worked with Gravitas Energy to install a major 200-kilowatt solar installation at the Hobart Showground.

Under the Co-Operative, energy generated on farms will be shared between properties or communities and traded via a peer-to-peer network, which can both save money and generate additional income.

Farmers can generate power on their farm and use it elsewhere. The profits generated through the Co-Op will go back to members. 

A new cash crop. New technologies. New Provider.

Join The Energy Revolution!

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